Apple’s New iPad – Not (Yet) Worth the Hype

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This morning, tech geeks everywhere (myself included) kept their eyes glued to their laptop monitors, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Steve Jobs’ latest creation. Twitter feeds and Liveblogs alike were flooded with more rumors, whisperings and leaked footage than even the wildest celebrity sex scandal. Described by Apple execs as a “revolutionary” and “magical” device, the iPad finally showed its glossy, multitouch, 9.56″ face to the world at an exclusive San Francisco event.
Is this it? Did Apple once again create a game-changer in an industry that already moves at lightspeed? Is the iPad really, as Blow himself described, the most important thing that Jobs has ever done?
In short, no.

First off, you know something’s wrong when an Apple product has glaring aesthetic shortcomings. The thick bezel speaks for itself. Moreover, iPad? Now there’s a moniker thats sure to send Bostonians into fits of confusion. And don’t forget the other more…hygienic products that immediately spring to mind. The nation hasn’t.
Aside from the name and looks, there are numerous other technical complaints about Apple’s latest product. In addition to lacking front or backside cameras (wouldn’t video chat be glorious on a tablet like this?), the iPad is also missing Flash support, expandable memory and backgrounding (think running Pandora radio while navigating the rest of your apps). But I’ve gone on long enough, let the pros sort it all out for you.
During the debut presentation, I was also hoping for some emphasis on how the iPad would integrate with textbook publishing companies to provide digital cost-efficient solutions for college students. Without a solid e-library, there really isn’t any reason for me to buy a giant iPod touch. Of course, the iStanford map would look really awesome in 1024×768…
But despite all the flaws, the iPad shows promise. The concept of tablet computing, if properly executed, and combined with the sheer ingenuity of app developers will make the iPad a household product. I say pass on the first generation, but give Apple some time – they’ll figure it out.
In the meantime, here’s another groundbreaking presentation, not without its own hype, to tune in for.


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  1. Charlie says:

    good tags as well

  2. Kayvon says:

    we’ll get that Stanford map on there πŸ˜‰


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