Attempts at being industrious

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You know those histrionically cinematic flashes of sudden perceptiveness that barrel through your sense spectrum and galvanize every trembling fiber of your… …?
Never mind. Even I barely remember what I was trying to say with that exercise in thesaurus-hopping.
I’ll give it one more go.
So I was trying to plough through a class reading yesterday. One of those infuriatingly interminable treatises that seem to be only things on earth with the power of eternal self-perpetuation. The words were swimming around, refusing to hunker down and march in single file.
Alter ego #1: CONCENTRATE!
Alter ego #2: Well, yeah, I’m trying. But there’s a Skype conversation in the next room, someone practicing guitar downstairs, and the entire hallway seems to be taking turns on the old creaky-bathroom-door-lift-workout.
The dorm room is out, then, as a place of study.
But Meyer is depressing, Green is cliche, the CoHo is pretentious, Old Union just plain kitsch.
Or maybe I’m just too lilly-livered to stick my forehead out of this cozy bedroom. Who knows what pneumonia-inducing illness spores are lurking outside, what malignant H1N1 factors are festering just beyond?
I think the solution lies in another extended mid-day nap.



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