Why Does Green Library Do Bag Checks? They’re really stupid

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You know what bugs me. Whenever I leave the library. Not Meyer. Not the Law Library. But Green Library. I hate it when they make you open up your bag like a little convict and show them all the stuff that’s inside. That bugs me. I get it. You don’t want people stealing things. But is this really the best way to go about it? I’m not gonna hate on the cool library people, because some of them…you know, just open your bag, and let you go. But SOME people, they get all Ludacris with it and be like “what in the worldddd is in that bag WHat You Got in ThaT bAg!!” They really move your notebooks and try to look into the corners of your bag. But for what??? Books??? I always have books in my bag, and they always let me go. I guess I just hate it when the person is trying super hard to be a TUFFGUY. Listen, if you work at the library, YOU’RE NOT TUFF!

I actually wouldn’t mind it if Luda was doing the checks

AND, if I did want to steal something I’d walk right out the front door like the fucking INSIDE MAN with books, mice, chairs, diamonds, CD-ROMS, you name it. True story: I decided to test this theory at Green the other day. So as I was approaching the desk, I took everything out of my backpack…EVERYTHING and wrapped it in my jacket. I then opened my book bag to reveal nothing inside. The guy looked at my bulging jacket, but couldn’t say anything. He looked so confused too, like he was an agent, and I was able to stop bullets and finally see the code of the library matrix. Seriously though, how wack are those bag checks? Especially when there’s a line. It’s the worst.

this pretty much describes how I felt

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  1. Greg K says:

    I had a similar experience with a amusement park recently on a very busy night close to Halloween. They had a ‘Crazy’ amount of security. It was gonna be cold so I happened to have a knife I forgot to leave in the car so I was not looking back to a trek to the car so I had brought a jacket and hid the knife in the pocket . When prompted I had my jacket in my hand extended with my contents inside, and he checked all over me but never used the wand to swipe by my jacket…Who knows what I could’ve brought insides, guns, weapons of all sorts, diamonds or whatever…Point being, is this how things get past the security, by just small oversights? Makes you wonder where else this happens…


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