Beware: Lunatics on Bikes

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Biking to IHUM Epic Journeys is usually a humdrum affair, but today I had a journey that ended in Stanford Hospital. As I was passing Meyer Library, a kid barreled towards me at an unreasonably breakneck speed. I shifted to the right of the path to give him space, but for some reason he crashed straight into me, almost as if he lacked the capacity to turn. I felt a nasty pain in my left hand and discovered that my pinkie finger was bent sideways at a 90-degree angle and bleeding profusely. The other kid, unhurt, took off after muttering “sorry.” Luckily, one of my friends spotted me, helped me snap the finger back into place, stashed my trashed bike, and made sure I could get to Vaden Health Center. Four hours later, I’m out of the hospital with my finger taped up in a splint.

Instead of giving me sympathy, please do me a favor and watch out for lunatics on those bike paths. Please wear a helmet, even if it messes up your hairdo, and call out people who ride irresponsibly. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and got incredibly lucky, stupidly lucky, that something far worse didn’t happen. Finally, if you do happen to hit somebody, please stop and make sure the person is ok before you decide to split.

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