Come learn about being a part of TUSB!

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We at The Unofficial Stanford Blog are holding an open information this Thursday (tomorrow) at 9 pm–come join us to learn more about the blog and how you can contribute. Or just come for some free food.
Come learn more about The Unofficial Stanford Blog at an open, non-obligatory, more-fun-than-doing-homework information session.
No matter what your interests are–be they writing or blogging or photography or videography or investigative journalism or web design or food or movies or famous professors or exploring the Stanford campus or any topic or medium, really–the Unofficial Stanford Blog has plenty of opportunities for you to create and contribute.
It will be held:
this Thursday, January 7
at 9 pm in Old Union Room 200.

Showing up will grant you access to: free food; cool people; answered questions; opportunities to create a voice for yourself on whatever topic you are interested in.
Questions? Email Josh at And check us out online at


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  1. Watch Human Target Online says:

    This looks GREAT!I cant wait to come be apart of this blog and its future!
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