Ex Libris: Beware library late fees for CDs and DVDs

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I went to return DVDs to Media and Microtext, and found I had a $12 fine. I thought I’d renewed them, but it turns out that, unlike books, DVDs cannot be renewed anytime. You must renew them ON THE DAY THAT THEY ARE DUE.
I was also surprised to find that DVDs are billed per disk, while books are billed per call number. So, one season of a TV show will be billed at $1.50 per disk, even though they’re all one call number. Since you’re allowed to rent out two call numbers at a time, if you rented two 7-disk TV seasons, and were either one day late in returning them, or screwed up the renewing process, expect to pay $1.50 x 14 = $21
So, learn from me and pay attention to those due dates, and be sure to renew DVDs on the day they are due.


2 Responses to “Ex Libris: Beware library late fees for CDs and DVDs”

  1. David says:

    Wowzers — you mean you actually have to renew something on the day it’s *due*??? πŸ˜‰

  2. Library Slave says:

    Yo, it works the same as books. When you renew a book, it gives you another two weeks (or whatever) from the day you renewed it. When you renew a DVD, it gives you another day from the day you renewed it. So if you renew it the day you initially checked it out, it’s still due the next day. Make sense? Yeah, it’s a flawed system, but there’s logic there.


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