Fixing Bikes to Fix Haiti

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bicycle_repair_man.jpgTimothy Tam ’12 has found a particularly Stanford–and very effective–way of raising money for the Haitian earthquake victims: fixing people’s bikes for cheap and giving all of the proceeds to UNICEF. A member of the cycling team, Tam is offering $5 basic repairs (way cheaper than the campus bike store) plus discounted parts and giving the profits to Haiti.
Tam, who does not appear to have any relation to the cookie, writes:
I’ll be charging $5 for basic repairs ie. lubing chains, tightening brakes and $10 for more time consuming jobs like fixing flats and adjusting gear shifters. If you need any specific part for your bike ie. bike lights, helmets etc., I can help you out with that too as the Menlo Velo bike store on El Camino has agreed to supply parts at a lower price for this cause. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at if you’d like me to have a look at your bike or have any other questions.
Think of it as the anti-bake sale: donate a little money to do your exercise, not to have to work it off.
And yes, that is a picture of the Monty Python character ‘Bicycle Repair Man,’ flanked by nerdy-looking superheroes.

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