Hennessy to Testify on House Foreign Affairs Committee

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hennessy_event.jpgPresident Hennessy likes to multitask–besides being president of Stanford, he is also on the boards of a number of highly successful startups. Have you heard of Google? Apparently it’s pretty popular.
On top of this, though, he’s also apparently the co-chair of the Committee on Science, Security and Prosperity National Research Council, which is a subsidiary of the Council of Long, Convoluted Names of Councils. In his role in this position, he will be testifying before the House Foreign Affairs committee tomorrow.
From events.stanford.edu:
Stanford President John Hennessy, co-chairman of the Committee on Science, Security and Prosperity, National Research Council will testify at the open hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. William C. Potter, director of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Karen Murphy, a senior director for semiconductor manufacturer Applied Materials, will also testify.
The topic of the hearing is: “The Impact of U.S. Export Controls on National Security, Science and Technological Leadership.”

You can watch at the Alumni Center at 10:30 am tomorrow, Friday Jan. 15.



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