In this Issue: The Claw Magazine, Vol 2.1

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cover_vol_2_1.gifThere are few things that bother me more than people coughing in class, and one of them is exciting, high-quality stuff going on all around me on campus that I never hear about. And another one is competing publications on campus, since there is, in my opinion, not enough available writing and publishing interest on campus for competition to have the competition drive up the overall quality of the publications. (okay, so maybe there are more things that bother me than I realize.)
Our friends over at The Claw Magazine, Stanford’s nascent New-Yorker style publication, agree–and they have been working with other campus outlets (including TUSB) on their first issue of the year. As part of this, and hopefully something that is not too big of a conflict of interest, they even adapted a blog post that I wrote earlier into a short piece for this issue.
As part of this effort to bridge campus publications (in a friendly, non-monopolistic way), I (and hopefully other bloggers) will try to highlight and showcase some of what’s being published on campus. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this issue of The Claw:
–How counter-consumption fails to counter consumption
–Vollmann, in his own words
–The reflections of a formerly shackled professor
–The fictional Ralph Stanley, in concert
And, of course, much more.


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