Milky, Fizzy Water Comes to Stanford

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Back at home, I never had to worry about things such as water quality or scarcity. Living near one of the planet’s largest bodies of freshwater (Lake Michigan), I’ve never had much to complain about… at all.
So you can imagine my reaction to filling up my cup of water and seeing this (photo on right).
This photo does not really do it justice. The water, as it comes out of the fountain, is almost entirely opaque. And it fizzes. Yes, like a crisp bottle of carbonated beverage. Researching a bit, I found a section in the Winter Housing Newsletter that said the following:
“The Stanford Utilities Division has alerted us to expect a change in the drinking water quality between December 28th, 2009 and February 19th, 2010, due to a change in water source during this period (from Hetch Hetchy reservoir to local drinking water storage reservoirs). Because of this change in source of water supply and treatment process, you may notice a different taste and milky appearance to the water. The water meets all State and Federal Standards.”
Hearing other people in my dorm grumble, and thinking a bit more about this, I ask myself, can we really complain? This change in water quality may be a bit disconcerting (a rudimentary Google search could probably put you a bit at ease). Water today, after all, is scarce. We should probably consider ourselves lucky to have unrestricted access to drink clean (albeit milky) water. I guess it’s not so bad.


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  1. ayrine says:

    So could we drink the water directly from the tab in the kitchen?


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