Pete, Why You Runnin??

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ba-Stanford_USC__0500843431.jpgWell it appears that Pete Carroll has finally decided to bolt for the NFL once again. Hopefully it goes a little better than his last 34-34 stint. Here’s the thing. Why now? Pete had much better opportunities in the past, but chose to stay at USC because he was winning back-to-back titles riding the Matt Leinart’s and Reggie Bush’s of the world to glory. Hell, he was a rockstar. The Trojans are LA’s pro football team. Also, in college it’s all about the coach. You can do whatever the hell you want as long as you win. The coach calls the shots and can lock you in a closet if he feels like it. In the NFL, you have diva receivers, and the players can get coaches fired. I mean, it’s understandable, when you’ve got 40 mill tied up in a player and 3 mill in a coach, you’re going to make your player happy. What concerns me though is that the dictator role in the NFL hasn’t meshed too well with the twittering players of today. So Pete lost a lot of talent, but the man is a legendary recruiter, so you rebuild right? I guess not. Pete bolted at the first sign of adversity. He got out after the first sign that he might have an admirable rival. I’m not gonna say he’s a punk, but that’s certainly a punk move. Even if your ship is sinking, you gotta go down with it. It’s pretty much over at USC, the writing was on the wall after the double Nickel Toby and co laid on them, which as Charlie’s graph points out, happens to be the most points they’ve given up ever. Add that to the fact that it happened on their homecoming, AND Harbaugh talked shit beforehand (and backed it up unlike Lane Kiffin) AND did them in their crib TWICE. There’s no upside to staying. If he loses to anyone, much less Stanford they’re probably calling for his head. It’s this “what have you done for me lately” era. Unfortunately for Pete, his move comes at a time when coaches have to win right away in the NFL as well. So if he thought he was going to get some time to get comfy and build, he’s wrong. It’ll be tough to do in Seattle with no offensive line, no running back, and an aging quarterback. So good luck Pete, but just understand. Jim Harbaugh will be in the NFL at some point, so you can run, but you can’t hide….



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