Power Outage at Stanford, A Procrastinator’s Tale

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This is my account of today’s power outage. Working into the morning, I had just had a breakthrough on what to write my paper about around 5:00am. At 5:14am all power in my dorm room was effectively gone and instantly the fire alarm went off. Scrambling in darkness, the heavy raindrops on my window gave me a chill as I rushed to grab an umbrella to wait outside for the fire alarm to stop.
Everyone in pajamas, one of my RAs didn’t even have a shirt on, we stood outside huddled together struggling for warmth under umbrellas like penguins. Someone shouted we should crash Roble! Little did we know the spread of this power outage. Yet this whole time all I could think of was how much time I had left to write my paper.
Around 6:00am the fire alarm stopped and lights in the hallways turned back on. Everyone rushed back inside to catch whatever sleep they could but I still have 5 pages to write. Power was not back inside the dorms yet and knowing my laptop did not have enough battery to last the time needed for this paper, I scrambled off to Roble.
Calling a friend to open the door for me, it seemed the problem was the same here. No power in the dorms, only in the hallways. Both of us with work that still needed to be done, we went off in search of a computer cluster.
Trekking out of Roble had never been so creepy. It was like a scene out of a zombie apocalypse movie, dark as can be (very few street lamps), raining and windy. And deserted. We were just two lads looking for survivers. We headed to Terman but the ID card scanner didn’t even have power! We circled back to Tressider to see if the Lair had power and White Plaza was a ghost town.
Checking Twitter and Facebook statuses reports power outages on the Row and in East Campus. Meyer and Green are both down and Old Union just looks dead. The human in me worried for survival but the student in me worried about the paper due in 2 hours.
I miraculously found a working computer cluster right here back in Eucalipto and ironically have written about 2 pages worth of text on this blog entry rather than my actual paper. Goes to show what our parents always said, “Finish your work early, you never know what might happen last minute!”
[Update] I just found out the paper isn’t even due until Thursday T_T


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  1. Anonymous says:

    so will we see the same blog entry about staying up late procrastinating on Thursday, or is there a lesson learned here?


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