FULL COVERAGE: Stanford Unites at Hillel Protest

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I’ve compiled a video with footage and photos of yesterday’s protest. Hundreds of people stood in the early morning cold to express solidarity with homosexuals and Jews, the two groups targeted by demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church. The church demonstrators, famous for provoking crowds and suing aggressive counter-demonstrators, drove from Kansas to protest before the Hillel at Stanford House. Viewer discretion is advised.

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5 Responses to “FULL COVERAGE: Stanford Unites at Hillel Protest”

  1. Beckie Yanovsky says:

    awesome video, george!! great job!
    go stanford

  2. Rachel Heredia says:

    This video’s AWESOME!! Great job capturing what it was like.

  3. EastCoaster says:

    Awesome job Stanford! But “the morning cold”? I’d kill for a 45 degree morning…

  4. Andrea says:

    Well done documenting, George!

  5. DD says:

    It is difficult to take the Westboro Babtist Church seriously, but I know that they need a response and I appreciate you responding so well.


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