The silver lining

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I know I should be excited that California is getting a season’s worth of rain in two weeks. As a person who takes 20-30 minute showers, I get a giant guilt complex whenever water is scarce in this state. And this storm will help, at least a little, with California’s three-year drought. Apparently, reservoirs are currently at an all-time low, and while this certainly won’t fix the situation (I’m trying to trim down the shower length, I’m really, really trying!) it will help some.
So I should be pleased, but I’m just a sun-loving creature. My only consolation is that even if all this rain makes me miserable, it will make Houston really happy.
Houston is my faithful pal and shower buddy. We met last quarter in White Plaza. He’s an adorable little orange-and-yellow rubber ducky, and I got him as a gift last quarter when I donated 10 bucks to help build wells in Africa. I also promised to drink nothing but water for two weeks, a promise I promptly broke because I can’t function without coffee. But I didn’t understand why I got to pay THEM to take away MY caffeine and alcohol privileges, so I don’t feel too bad.
Houston enjoys his visits to my dorm shower, but I know that he’ll look out at a waterlogged Stanford with great joy in his yellow ducky breast. Maybe Lake Lag will actually fill up this year, and I can take him out paddling. So at least someone on this campus will be enjoying the rain. As for the rest of you, dig out your galoshes, kiss up to people with cars, and remember: $20 to the first person who can teach me to bike with an umbrella.

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  1. cake maker says:

    douche france sounds lovely – it’s really nice that they gave you some cake decorating advice too – not many shops would do that!


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