The VideoSong – A Stanford Invention and Movement

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For just a week over winter break, Stanford grad student Sean Duncan and alum Daniel Adams recorded the beginnings of an album likely to be released in the Spring. In the depths of CCRMA (that magnificent mansion-like building behind FloMo) they hashed out plans for a series of VideoSongs – a format conceived by Stanford’s Jack Conte and popularized by himself, Nataly Dawn and Pomplamoose. The videos show the full production of the song, all instruments and sounds included. The first of these, “Asleep Beneath the Snow,” is a mesh of folk, rock and indie sounds:

Although this is the first collaboration Sean and Daniel released from their winter recordings, they recorded another song, “Easily with You” over the summer:

Look out for more from Sean and Daniel on youtube ( and ) and for other Stanford music collaborations soon to be posted here.

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