The WBC Rally’s Shortsighted Poster

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The major anti-protest movement seems to be for this tolerance rally aptly named “Stanford United: A Gathering for Diversity and Unity.” Part of their poster is below:
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Here’s my issue. Westboro is described as anti-Jewish and anti-gay. They are. But that’s not all, and a narrow scope is exactly what is not needed. Anti-gay and anti-Jewish groups are all too common; Westboro is a special breed. They hate Catholics. They hate America. They root for the death of our soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors. Their bigotry is not limited to two minority groups–it encapsulates the entire country. This must be noted; in fact, if there is to be a counter-protest, then it must be widely publicized.
By describing them simply as anti-Jewish and anti-gay, the rally risks attracting only those who are pro-active about only those two issues. As a tribesman who cares deeply about the LGBT cause, I know I wouldn’t get out of bed on a Friday morning to protest what, if you simply read the poster, is seemingly one of many homophobic, anti-Semetic groups. You don’t have to look far to find them; these characteristics alone don’t make Westboro particularly special. There have been counter-protests in the past against groups with more singular focuses–at some point, the idea of diminishing returns starts to come into play.
But Westboro is different. It’s an organization that is so much more than just focused on one religion, or one sexuality. It is driven by a hatred of humanity itself and its core values; simply put, it’s a different situation.
Westboro has given the Stanford community a wonderful opportunity to unite in the face of hatred. It transcends any and all other differences. And the shortsighted advertisements risk wasting that.



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