TUSGraph: Is joy a bacteria or a virus?

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I love being back at school, but I swear in class today all four people around me were coughing simultaneously. Stanford dorm life after a break is like some sick medical experiment. I appreciate how many different countries Stanford students come from, but it means we’re exposed to the worst diseases from all over the world.
As you might have inferred, I’m suggesting a one week quarantine period, where classes and all social events are conducted via Skype. Until then, if you worked with diseased cattle in Kazakhstan or something, do me a favor and STAY AWAY FROM ME.


One Response to “TUSGraph: Is joy a bacteria or a virus?”

  1. TUSGraphGuy’s Mom says:

    This is ironic since you had some upper respiratory disease when you came home in December. Maybe it is YOU spreading it all over….Love, Mom


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