TUSGraph: Grinding Gears

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Ah, the things four years at college can do. As we grind out psets and papers, we are filled with wisdom; as our bikes grind their cogs and chains, they are filled with wear.
By graduation, our bikes are useless and when pedaling, more effort goes into the grinding noises than kinetic energy. For me, it’s justified, though. Our bikes might enter college as the well oiled machines, but our minds emerge that way.


3 Responses to “TUSGraph: Grinding Gears”

  1. LiHe says:

    Well-oiled Rube Goldberg machines? Smoothly-churning Wallace and Gromit contraptions?

  2. TUSGraphGuy’s Mom says:

    Did you know that for very little $$ you can get a tuneup on your bike? Just a hint from a quiet voice of reason.

  3. Josh says:

    TUSGraphGuy’s Mom makes the best comments. Just saying.


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