TUSGraph: Late Nite

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Kudos to my roommate, Thomas Fu, for pointing this out.
Late nite staff are sitting on a pot of gold and they don’t even realize it. They have achieved nearly absolute randomness in the sequence of orders called out; their system surely beats any current random number generators because I have stood staring at my receipt, perplexed, unsuccessfully attempting to decipher a pattern from the numbers being called.
The only pattern I have been able to discern is that the drunk customers always seem to get their orders immediately. Either alcohol gives you the subconscious ability to solve for Late Nite’s random order number generator, or they just take any food that looks tasty.
And, of course, I couldn’t miss a chance to make fun of IHUM grades.


One Response to “TUSGraph: Late Nite”

  1. lehrblogger says:

    hahaha, or they just want to get the drunk people out of there as fast as possible?


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