University Building Huge Cell Phone Towers Right Next to Campus Residences

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IMG_2393.JPGTalk about an easy way to piss off some of your students–the university has started installing (obnoxious) cell phone towers in the middle of campus, with some of them very close to Stanford residences. This issue has hit home for my fellow residents of Synergy and me who, without any prior knowledge of the situation, are watching one of these huge installations being performed in the middle of the nice, wooded path up to our house. (There is also one in the Cowell cluster and reports of a few more to be installed).
Granted, there are cell phone reception issues on campus–Verizon, anyone? But amidst the slow realization across campus that Stanford is more and more paternalistic, this is another nail in the coffin for students having any say in campus decision making.
In the end, it is the University’s decision to make since they own the land. But in my opinion, the university, as a large institution is susceptible to, did not think through all of the parties impacted by this decision. In the case of the Synergy, the placement of the tower is not only very out of place in one of the few peaceful, wooded sections close to the center of campus, but it is a safety hazard–bikers using the path are going to have to avoid another obstacle on an already dangerous hill.
Also, the row house staff members (who are in charge of overseeing the row houses) claim to have very little knowledge about the cell phone tower. It seems obvious to me that building an enormous electronic structure while only giving minimal information to the people responsible for the well-being of students in the area and absolutely no information to the students affected is not the most diplomatic way of going about the project.
I have pressed for some answers through the row staff (who have been very helpful in contacting the right people) and the proper authorities have agreed to pass along more information next week. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “University Building Huge Cell Phone Towers Right Next to Campus Residences”

  1. Smithy says:

    Honestly? Good job Stanford! I’m really sick and tired of not being able to get service in my room.
    Furthermore, it is unhealthy to have bad reception because it forces phones to work harder to get signals, and therefore increases the radiation going into our bodies. While there is much argument on this subject, I tend to side with the “its better to be safe then sorry” camp when it comes to cell phone radiation. And I say thank you Stanford for increasing the safety of students.
    I can’t wait to get better service!

  2. Pat Jones says:

    I am surprised at the lack of hard data related to cell towers and handset usage and exposure to radio waves. There must be a lot of research but it seems like its kept quiet.

  3. student says:

    Yeah, agreed with Smithy–I lived on the upper row and we were constantly tired of having dropped calls, leaning outside our windows just to hear, etc. and when we complained to AT&T about it, they said they wanted us to pay for a tower. Glad Stanford’s taking care of it. I hope they eventually put up towers for all the major providers, because I’m sick of AT&T’s bs monopoly.


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