You Can Reserve Old Union Rooms Online, and it’s Great

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union.jpgI like to be critical of things, but because of this i also find it not only necessary but important to praise things that deserve it. Case in point: the new ASSU online room reservation system ( –> Student Services menu –> Old Union Room Reservations; SUnet ID needed) for Old Union, which now allows you to book rooms there easily.
Previously, people could only book rooms in Old Union’s main wing by going to the room and filling in a messy calendar hanging on the outside of the door. Not only do people’s schedule’s change, but people–myself included–have handwriting that is legible only to the finest of police detectives, meaning that these calendar systems were not only hard to use but confusing. The new system is easy to use (I used it to book rooms for our weekly blog meetings) and clear. Major kudos, ASSU Old U reservation system.
This also goes alongside computer-whiz-cum-ASSU-president David Gobaud’s other awesome sites (all with login required), Student Events Calendar, Book Exchange, and Matchmaker (roommates, not dating (collective Stanford sigh)).
Of course, there is still plenty to be critical of–the Nitery wing of Old Union still has no coherent room reservation system either online or on paper, and most of those rooms–which would be in high demand if they were open–remain locked. Hopefully this will be rectified soon, and then I will have no choice but to post again on how great the new Nitery room reservation system is.


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  1. David Gobaud says:

    we are working on getting the Nitery rooms open :) we are hopeful that we can work with SAL to have them opened this quarter.


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