8.8 Magnitude Chilean Earthquake: Santiago Students Ok; 2 M Chileans Displaced

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chile2neic_tfan.jpgUPDATE 2: Stanford has put out this release about the students currently in Santiago.
UPDATE: One student is in the hospital with a fractured pelvis and three fractured vertebrae. These injuries were sustained jumping off of a balcony during the main earthquake. Two other students were briefly unable to leave the village they were visiting south of Santiago, but are now returning to the capital.
An 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked central Chile yesterday, leaving at least 700 dead and 2 million displaced from their homes. Santiago, Chile’s capital and home of one of Stanford’s popular overseas programs, was significantly affected by the quake–reports have said that the city shook for almost a minute and a half. All of the Stanford students studying abroad in Chile appear to be safe and unharmed (reporting made easier thanks to social media like Facebook).
One student in Santiago described yesterday’s experience as “scary as shit.” The earthquake was the fifth-largest since 1900, but the aftermath looks to be less damaging than the recent earthquake that wreaked havoc on Haiti:
“Because of better building standards and an epicenter farther from populated areas, the scale of the damage from Chile’s significantly more powerful earthquake was nowhere near the devastation that Haiti suffered.”
Hawaii, the site of another abroad program-to-be, feared a tsunami repercussion but those fears have since passed.
Our thoughts are with everyone in Chile (and Haiti).


2 Responses to “8.8 Magnitude Chilean Earthquake: Santiago Students Ok; 2 M Chileans Displaced”

  1. Chris Rurik says:

    Hey guys, we´re all fine here in Santiago, stay tuned to the blog for some stories about what happened to us during the last weekend. Life is returning to normal in Santiago today, but things are really bad down south. There´s not too much to do to help, we´re looking into volunteering but not sure yet what we can do. Hopefully later tonight I will be able to post a more comprehensive update to the blog.

  2. Gary Tate says:

    Chris, that is a great report on the Sea of Cortez. I even forwarded it for the benefit of
    a freshman Med student; a grandson. I especially liked the Melville appreciation.

    No reply necessary.



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