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dance marathon
The Stanford Dance Marathon is now LIVE online. For the first time ever, your parents will gasp in confusion when they realize that grinding is a perfectly acceptable way to save the world.
The first dance marathons originated in the 1920s as endurance competitions. Participants shuffled and jived until they could shuffle and jive no more, with a winner crowned at the end. Since then, they’ve evolved into charitable traditions, with colleges nationwide hosting dance marathons in order to raise money for noble causes.
Stanford Dance Marathon, organized by a local chapter of FACE AIDS (link), focuses on supporting international health by raising money for Partners in Health and the Bay Area Young Positives by supporting “their HIV/AIDS and community building programs in Rwanda and San Francisco.”
A lesser-known, Stanford-unique partner to the traditional Dance Marathon is the annual Hackathon , where techies put their heads together for 24 hours to work on non-profit software projects. The Hackathon, spearheaded by current ASSU president David Gobaud, is certainly one of the most ingenious and successful events that Stanford puts on.
Stanford Dance Marathon is a 24-hour event, meaning it will end tomorrow afternoon at 1. Definitely come and check it out.
If not, you can always watch the webcast and cheer on the DMers until you decide to stop being creepy and actually go dance.

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2 Responses to “Dance Marathon LIVE FEED”

  1. Josh says:

    I hope this is not the only time that ‘cha cha slide’ gets tagged. Reverse, reverse!

  2. Carsten says:

    Pretty lame that you have to sign-up for this (never-before-heard-of) online service to watch the live feed. Why not host it on one of Stanford’s servers?


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