Examining the Vegetarian Hippie Co-op Life

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columbae.jpgA self-described procrastinator from Columbae has opened themselves up to a Q&A on reddit’s Ask Me Anything. The responses? Unsurprisingly, they run the gamut from awe (you live in what kind of house?) to disgust (you live in what kind of house?).
Add this to the growing list of co-op publicity Columbae and Synergy (my humble abode) have been getting lately.
Some of my favorite “questions” people asked in the “interview”:
stop walking naked through the library during finals. its really distracting.
I lived with 15 people in my first year of res, smoked mad weed, brah.
Can you imagine the nasty hippy smell that must be in that place. Not to mention how many Phish CD’s and granola crumbs are on the floor.
Awesome. Thanks to @Stanford for finding this.


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  1. Mike says:

    I love reddit. Good to see Stanford up on IAMA.


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