Fix Your Bike – some tools are easier to find than others

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z005.JPGI saw this recently between Meyer Library and Stern. It seems Parking and Transportation has some bike initiatives going on, including this stand of useful bike tools which includes levers for changing a flat and an air pump. Personally I like going to Tressider where the campus bike shop has a similar complementary tool rack as well as chain grease. It’s a step in a good direction.
What would really be useful is a 1 unit bike maintenance class or even a 1 unit car maintenance class. I know there’s a financial literacy class, a great example of really useful information that’s often hard to find at a school so focused on theory and high academics. I would love to graduate college with some practical knowledge of the machines I’ll be using for the rest of my life. Accessible bike tools are great, but you need to know how to use them for them to do much good.

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One Response to “Fix Your Bike – some tools are easier to find than others”

  1. wyles says:

    A bike maintenance class is a brilliant idea!


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