Your One Stop Destination for Stanford Events

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I think everyone on campus needs to know about this site. Fountainhop is the simplest, most intuitive events aggregator I have ever seen. It is really useful for small-scale events produced by student organizations especially on campus. It easily beats the official Stanford events page which displays a lot of things students aren’t interested in and I’m not a big fan of the ASSU’s alternative either.
Student organizations have been constantly trying to market their events using mailing lists, in your face marketing, and the whole “fliers in the bathroom while you poop” method. But what about people that are trying to find what events are going on? Fountainhop is a perfect director for that and has the potential to spread across different campuses. Props to whoever created it.
Side note: Fountainhop was created a week ago according to a search that shows the domain bought on 2/10/2010

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