Get More Out of Stanford: The Ultimate Stanford To Do List

Posted by at 12:16AM

Green Teas with Bob Siegel.jpgApparently, my own “Ultimate To Do List,” which entails thinking about finishing my reading for the quarter, is not the only one around: undergraduate library enthusiasts Green Teas are hosting an event to tell us about all the cool things we probably already should have done or will likely fail to complete in our time at school.
The event will feature virology/immunology/African-country-studying/Stanford expert and HumBio professor Bob Siegel, creator of the Stanford Safari Sophomore College (which I was a part of.) If it’s anything like that, I highly recommend going to this event–Sophomore College was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Stanford.
Then, after Siegel’s talk, Green Teas is hosting ‘hanging-out’ in Special Collections. Not recommended for those who have a tendency to clumsily break stuff.



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