Ironic Juxtapositions, Times Two: Barbara Boxer and Leslie Nielsen

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Observations from this morning:
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When Adsense goes wrong: California democrat Barbara Boxer is up for re-election and could face Republican primary candidate and former HP boss Carly Fiorina. Boxer, a Democrat, is very liberal–but a pro-Boxer, anti-Republican ad was featured prominently on the Stanford Review’s blog homepage. See picture–somehow I feel like that’s targeting the wrong audience.
Gerhard Casper, Naked Gun: Ok, this is not entirely ironic, nor is it particularly meaningful. But I walked by former Stanford president Gerhard Casper this morning (there are very few non-tourists who have such awesome accents) and I, for a brief second, thought it was Leslie Nielsen. Is it just me, or does Gerhard Casper look very similar to Leslie Nielsen?
Nielsen, of course, is the star of such brilliant films as Airplane! and Naked Gun (and Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Naked Gun 33 1/3). Gerhard Casper was not in Scary Movie 3 or 4 (in which Nielsen played the President), but he is responsible for appointing Condi Rice to Provost. Rice, then, became Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, also known as Scary Movie 5.

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