Les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver

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(For those of you who were annoyed by my pretentious use of French for the title of this posting: hey, learn to deal. It’s called enforced multiculturalism.)
The Vancouverites were all in a huff about the “exorbitant costs of the hockey pavilion” and the “grotesque amount of public funding being diverted into frivolous projects”. Et cetera, et cetera.
There is a ridiculous excess of grouchy garrulous radio pundits in Vancouver. I assure you.
But now that the Games have actually begun, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that cynicism in the face of so much glittery figure-skating costume jewelry.
Things are really starting to become intense, now that Evgeni Plushenko has sashayed his way back onto the ice.
Take a study break from the rash of week 7 problem sets. Organize some form of dorm-wide TV advertisement-appreciation party, complete with intermittently interspersed clips of spandex-bound athletic types flouncing around snow-capped British Columbian mountains.

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