Stanford Loves Trees

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There have been no shortage of tree posts on this blog in the past. After all, we at Stanford love our trees.
Riding my bike on Campus Drive near Maples a few days ago, I came across these interesting-looking trees in crates. I assume that they’ve been given the Stanford treatment–that is, they’ve been bought from a nearby nursery, transported, and remain in crates until giant holes are made and irrigation systems are put in place. Hooray for “natural” beauty.
EDIT: As an anonymous commenter pointed out, the boxed up trees may very well be trees relocated from the site of the Knight Management Center, which is currently under construction nearby.


One Response to “Stanford Loves Trees”

  1. Anonymous says:

    These trees are not from nursery
    “More than 60 trees from the Knight Management Center site have been removed from the site intact, boxed up, and
    temporarily relocated. They will be replanted on the site after the completion of construction. Additionally, more than
    50 trees at the perimeter of the site have been preserved, helping to maintain a mature tree canopy on the site.”


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