Stanford’s Total Undergraduate Charges to Go Up by 3.5%

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Last week the Stanford University Board of Trustees approved a move to raise next year’s total undergraduate charges by 3.5%, raising it to $50,576. The breakdown for the 2010-2011 academic year will be $38,700 for tuition and $11, 876 for room and board. The increase will also be applied to general graduate students, engineers, newly entering MBAs, and current medical students. Law students will see an even greater increase of 5.8%. Not included in the rising costs is the newly instituted and somewhat controversial Campus Health Service Fee, a mandatory $167 fee that covers numerous health care services at Vaden Health Center and which will remain in effect next year as well. The board was quick to assure students and families that need-based financial aid will not suffer due to the increase, adding that the estimated annual student budget (used in determining aid) will be increased by $1,700 to reflect rise in undergraduate charges.

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