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Thumbnail image for starbucks-coffee.jpgFor those of you who have grumbled over being unable to get your Starbucks candy-coffee cravings satisfied on campus, grumble no more. As for those who take issue with rampant consumerism and what have you, don’t shoot the messenger.
The Axe and Palm added the Starbucks chain’s selection of beverages to its menu last week. Now you can order your favorite caffeinated confection right at the counter. The sizes available are tall and grande (small and medium, in layman’s terms) and all drinks are available except for the cold teas and frozen drinks. Yes, that means no frappuccinos now, but the manager is looking into a getting a blender. If a certain favorite drink of yours is missing, let the managerial staff know and they’ll try to hook you up. The prices reflect all Starbucks prices, so “Fivebucks” still applies. If you’re looking to get a cup of Komodo Dragon Blend (it exists), look somewhere else: TAP brews two kinds of whole bean coffees, preferring Fair Trade and organic blends. You can have it your way–but don’t get crazy. I would avoid any “I’ll have a Venti-quad-non-fat-peppermint-mocha served at 273 degrees” jargon.
The Starbucks addition is one of a few changes taking place at Axe and Palm (have you noticed the new compost/recycle bins?). Based on the mixed reviews the restaurant has received, this is likely a good thing. Like I said before, the managers are really open to suggestions and appreciate whatever feedback you may have for them. Complain as I might about the prices, etc., I will likely be purchasing a mocha in the not too distant future.


2 Responses to “Starbucks @ TAP”

  1. Josh says:

    You know Starbucks is popular in Palo Alto when people will kill to be near it:

  2. Pam says:

    No way! I’m there!! Thanks for the heads up…
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