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SLAC hoodie.jpgEver wondered when performance apparel would hit the library? It has. A new company, “Study Like A Champion,” has begun producing sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweatbands designed to amp up your study experience. SLAC aims to be the “Nike of study apparel,” worn by the best students in the country (and, of course, all the wanna-be’s). Photos are available at
How much the hoodie will actually boost your grade isn’t clear. But it sure as hell will do its best. The sweatshirt features a red “DO NOT DISTURB” planted across the back of the hood. It unzips for heat control and has a little hole in the right pocket so you can run your headphones up through the inside of the sweatshirt.
The kicker: it has glow-in-the-dark strings on the hood. Why the glow-in-the-dark-strings, you ask? It’s so that when you’re walking back from Meyer at 1AM bikers – the “haters” – don’t run you over.
The mythology of the SLAC gear is exactly that – the “haters” against the “champions.” It’s a bit like the UnderArmo(u?)r obsession with protecting “our house” or Nike’s love of “just doing it.” For a 5’10 170 pound half-Jewish guy with glasses, it’s a little easier to identify with the SLAC mythology. Think back to all of the times you head out to the library on a Saturday night and take the back exit of your dorm. SLAC is here to tell you that you’re a champion, not a loser. And that you should walk out, loud and proud, iPod blaring Rat-at-at, backpack loaded with fresh notebooks for a “killer study sesh.” Most of all, believing in yourself.
And after all, that’s what apparel is all about. Nike shoes won’t make you any faster. A new suit won’t make you any smarter. And SLAC hoodies won’t make you more prepared for a test. But if it makes me laugh at 1AM in Meyer, I’m all for it.

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3 Responses to “Study…like a Champion”

  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks for your height and weight, Ben. I was trying to register you for a boxing tourny but wasn’t able to without that info. You’re all good to go now. Remember your mouth guard on the 26th.

  2. slacer says:

    uh…the real SLAC is cooler…

  3. S.L.A.C.’er says:

    That so called ‘real’ slac is now owned by the state and can’t really compare to that new Swiss Black Hole machine anyways. Meanwhile, S.L.A.C. is only growing more powerful by the hour…


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