Tree Candidates Go Wild

Posted by at 9:00AM

Seriously, how often has this image appeared?
The race to become the next Stanford Tree is on in full force this week aka Tree Week. Fiat Lux has done an awesome job covering the Tree Stunts yesterday so go on over there for the full post. Below are some highlights:

  • Tree Stunts are supposed to be random and unannounced bursts of Cardinal pride. Lately the trend has been a contest of pain but now the rules state “No lighting oneself on fire and no ending up in the hospital. Getting arrested, however, is fine.”
  • Some strange psychotic dude showed up claiming to be from Cal. Emphasis on psychotic
  • Andrew Luck came out to officially endorse Robbie Zimbroff ’12 for Tree
  • Kirk Erickson ’10 sat in a tree for 3.5 hours waiting for his moment

Pretty lively turnout I’d say. I wonder what else is in store.



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