TUSB 2.0: Our New Look

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new logo.pngFor the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to upgrade our site to make it more useful, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing. We hope the new site has achieved these three goals, and more, and we encourage you to give us feedback at blogforstanford@gmail.com.
Enjoy these new features:
New masthead: That vectorized palm tree just had to go.
New tabs on the left-hand side: These tabs allow you to navigate easily around the site. Check out the ‘events’ tab (coming soonworking great!) for an up-to-date, inclusive events calendar so you never miss a cool event or performance; go to the ‘features’ tab for recurring signature TUSB posts (such as our pre-quarterly Course Guide or Charlie’s weekly TUSGraph); and join us or find out more with the ‘about us’ and ‘sign up to blog’ tabs.
Recent comments: Find out what people are saying right on the front page.
Social Media links: Follow us off-the-blog at Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr, or get our RSS feed.
A Cleaner Interface: Enjoy looking at the blog while you read it. In particular, note the new drop-down menus for ‘archives’ and ‘categories’.
Student blogs: We want to highlight individual Stanford student blogs on our blogroll. If you have a blog you want to nominate for our ‘student blogs’ section, let us know!
Special thanks to KevinL and MikeL for working so hard on getting this whole redesign and running.
And finally, if you spot any bugs, email us as soon as possible, and we will fix that as soon as possible. Enjoy!


8 Responses to “TUSB 2.0: Our New Look”

  1. JC says:

    I’m not a fan of this redesign. Not one bit.

  2. Josh says:

    @JC–I’m sorry you don’t like it, we are trying hard to improve the site. What in particular don’t you like?

  3. Dave says:

    I also think the design is kinda meh. The design itself is just a little inconsistent.
    I see at least three different fonts on the page (1 in the tab links and banner, 1 on the sidebar links, and then the font on the blog posts). At most I think you should use one single font for an entire website, or it just looks like a mishmash. At the worst, use all fonts that are either serif or sans-serif, not a mix like you have now.
    The colors also don’t seem to go together well. You have the nice top banner (with those utterly random balloons?) and then the rest of the page is all red. I liked the old design since the color scheme was pretty much the same across the page.
    I’m also not a fan of the vertical sidebars. They’re very Web 1.0. They get the job done, but if you want to spiffy things up, I recommend converting those left side tabs into a horizontal menu bar that runs underneath of the top banner. I would then remove all of the blog links and “stanford links” from the sidebar and move them to their own separate page/tab. You can then move over the recent comments section to the right, and remove the left sidebar altogether.
    One thing that went, well, though is the wider layout. The old one was too thin and I think the wider real estate will do some good.

  4. Josh says:

    @Dave: Thanks for your feedback–it’s very helpful. The fonts seem to be a major source of contention, so we will look into fixing that asap.
    The balloons are to celebrate the new design. Don’t worry, they are temporary.
    I also like the idea of a horizontal tab bar–we’ll definitely consider that for v2.1.
    Thanks for your feedback,

  5. JC says:

    @Josh: my least favorite part is the banner. The vector graphic MemChu illustration is sloppy and, I have to say, a little juvenile-looking. I actually liked the simplicity of the first version. And while I like the use of Georgia for body text, the sans serif you use (Trebuchet?) is unappealing. You also shouldn’t be afraid to use bold and all-caps.
    And more about the masthead: what happened to this being called TUSB? If you want to establish a TUSB brand, you should make it clear, like you did before, that this is TUSB, in big, bold letters in the masthead.
    For the best results, just straight up copy the Bwog to the best of your ability…just change the blue to Cardinal red.

  6. Josh says:

    JC–Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we’ve identified a lot of the problems you mention and will be unveiling an updated v 2.1 soon. We don’t want to copy any other site directly, but our newest redesign unintentionally looks similar to Bwog’s layout. They do have a really nice site.
    If you want to check out what we’re heading towards, take a look at tusb.stanford.edu/redesign
    Feel free to tell us what you think!

  7. Ruby says:

    You need a compleatly new plan. Old buildings are beatiful because of their smplicity try to kepp it pretty, old, and simple. JC above is right about the blue I think blend into the sky…………..

  8. Ruby says:

    You need a compleatly new plan. Old buildings are beatiful because of their smplicity try to kepp it pretty, old, and simple. JC above is wrong about the blue I think it will blend into the sky…………..


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