TUSB’s Spring 2010 Course Guide (because napping in the sun can’t be taken for credit)

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Sleeping-on-the-grass1.jpgThe floodgates of Axess have opened and course signups for Spring Quarter are upon us. For those of you looking for a cool class, a GER fulfiller, or just a temporary distraction from your paper due tomorrow, here is the TUSB Spring 2010 course guide. Feel free to add your own additions in the comments section!

Courses you won’t forget (In a good way):
Bio 150: Human Behavioral Biology
Find out why we act the way we do and fulfill that NatSci GER. Taught by Professor Robert Sapolsky – don’t let his mountain-man appearance fool you; this guy’s a neurobiology god and quite the comedian.
English 90: Fiction Writing (also check out English 91: Creative Nonfiction and English 92: Reading and Writing Poetry)
In order to snag a spot in these always-popular courses, enter the lottery at http://creativewriting.stanford.edu
ArtStudi 70: Introduction to Photography
Learn everything from how to turn on your camera to developing your own prints. A bit-time intensive, consider this course a license to spend an afternoon wandering around snapping photos and calling it “homework.”

Under-utilized athletic courses:
Athletic 134: Synchronized Swimming, Beginning
Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.
Athletic 38M: Eskrima
A Filipino martial art that emphasizes both open-hand and weapons-oriented defensive tactics
Athletic 195: Mind, Body, and Spirit
A perfect retreat from the stress of all your other classes
Most Badass-Sounding Course:
AA 236C: Spacecraft Design Laboratory
‘Nuff said.
Course that might actually be useful post-graduation:
MS&E 41: Financial Literacy
Get prepared for the real world with this crash course in personal finance; from banking and credit cards to paying taxes, this class will bring out the financially-responsible adult in you (I promise, it’s in there somewhere…)
Surg 223: Wilderness Medicine
Learn how to respond in emergency situations in the wilderness with an opportunity to become Wilderness First Aid certified; a must for anyone serious about outdoor adventuring.
My kind of course:
CEE 46Q: Fail your way to Success
Ironically, no Pass/Fail option.
Courses with awesome field trips:
Artstudi 184A (Bio 122): Along the Track of the Yellowstone Hotspot: Fusion of Art and Science
Described as providing “a scientific yet personal intimacy about how ecosystems work and how they change.” Not quite sure what that means, but hey, you get to go to Yellowstone National Park as part of the course.
BIOE 70Q: Medical Device Innovation
The fusion of medicine and engineering, guest lectures, and trips to local medical device companies; non-engineers welcome.
Some Interesting GER-fulfilling courses:
GERLIT 16N: Music, Myth, and Modernity: Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (freshman seminar, Hum and GlobalCom)
CS 105: Introduction to Computers (EngrAppSci)
Particularly Timely Courses:
PoliSci 37: Justice and the Obama Presidency
Taught by Rob Reich and James Steyer, this 1 unit course delves into issues of domestic and international justice under the Obama Administration with a look at the implications for the upcoming November 2010 elections
Classes with the Vaguest Names*:
Classhis 235B: Ancient War
Phil 23L: Love and Friendship
Complit 123: The Novel, The World
CEE 151: Negotion
* and potentially the most amount of work
For more information on courses offered, check out the Stanford Bulletin and Courserank!


2 Responses to “TUSB’s Spring 2010 Course Guide (because napping in the sun can’t be taken for credit)”

  1. Josh says:

    Just got emailed about this:
    COMM 177C/277C–5/4 Units, MW 10-11:50am in 120-452
    Specialized Writing and Reporting: Environmental Journalism
    Science and journalism students learn how to identify and write engaging stories about environmental issues and science, and how to assess the quality and relevance of environmental news.

  2. Josh says:

    Another even cooler one:
    Frenlang 60N: French cheese
    @French House
    Every other Wednesday, 7:15-8:30 pm
    (Axess #97300)
    Fee: $15
    Oh, but it’s so much more than just FRENCH cheese!
    We will taste cheeses from around the world!! Every other Wednesday, from 7:15-8:30pm, we’ll learn how to make cheese, how to cut cheese, how to serve cheese, how to taste cheese, how to talk about cheese, how to shop for cheese, how to store cheese, how to pair cheese! Join us in our discovery of deliciousness…


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