TUSGraph: GER’s Make Me Go GRRRR

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No, really. Which is more likely to happen to a Stanford graduate: accidentally drowning because they didn’t know how to swim, or or accidentally dying because they weren’t forced to read “The Fire Next Time” in IHUM (I picked this book because it is quite literally the worst book I have ever read). I recognize that the humanities are important in life, but the thought of someone graduating without understanding projectile motion or gravity is much more appalling than someone graduating without understanding what Nietzsche wrote.
I have one GER left, and it has to be one of the Education for Citizenship ones. Any suggestions for classes?


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  1. Squige says:

    Your numbers are a bit off in the drawing, but I don’t care to quibble. I’m also looking to pick up an EC in the spring, but I’ve already got my gender, so I can’t do that one.

  2. Dodo says:

    Very true. Its been talked about, debated and always swept under the rug – why 3 quarters of IHUM(horribly done) and no ITECH(technology) at all? It is also appalling that the nature of the GERs is skewed so highly towards “fuzzy” stuff.

  3. Jackie says:

    Maybe you need “GER’s” in humanities considering you don’t even know proper grammar

  4. Mike says:

    LOL at the above comment.
    Also, introsems are the best ways ever to take care of ECs and undesirable GERs. If you haven’t enrolled in any yet, now is the time.

  5. Josh says:

    Gotta say that I disagree with you here, Charlie et al. There are many more valuable aspects to much of the humanities than you want to admit. I would argue that preparedness for the real world requires an understanding of yourself and the world around you, much of which is contingent upon examining philosophical ideas, history, literature, etc.
    I hated IHUM as well, though–I would much prefer a quasi “Great Books” core or making IHUM into three you-choose GERs.

  6. Charlie says:

    From wikipedia.org: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_plural
    “The traditional style of pluralizing single letters with -‘s was naturally extended to acronyms when they were commonly written with periods. This form is still preferred by some people for all initialisms and thus -‘s as a suffix is often seen in informal usage.”
    I’m sorry I was being too informal with my abbreviations. Then again, this is The Unofficial Stanford Blog (tusb, or T.U.S.B. for Jackie).

  7. Anton says:

    I agree with Josh. There’s way too much hate for the humanities on this campus. The fuzzy-techie divide is artificial, but if I had to pick one to learn, I would pick humanities. There are a lot of practical things you will learn like tying ties, projectile motion, etc., but the humanities serve you much better for living a meaningful, inquisitive life. Maybe Nietzsche and the rest of them seem dumb now, but on your deathbed you might think differently. Don’t put off the questions.
    Also, I thought “The Fire Next Time” was an excellent read, and Journeys was an excellent IHUM, though I agree that not all of them are good and the program could be redesigned for the better.

  8. Accritsap says:

    You are all dumb. That is all


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