TUSGraph: Lady Gaga’s Music is at y=0

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I was ecstatic to find that my new next door neighbor has fantastic taste in music, but it got me thinking about music on campus. Why is it that bands like The xx are only getting played on headphones by audiophiles, while the sonic refuse played at weekend parties seems to only come with the volume set to 11? Just because the beer is ordered in bulk, I don’t see why the music has to be of similar quality.
My strategy is to continue ignoring the fact that music taste is a matter of opinion, continue considering my loud music as a form of public service, and continue raising the volume until I get some serious complaints from the neighbors. It’s worked out well so far, except for the fact that everyone else has the same strategy.
On a related note, kudos to Stern Dining who have recently switched up their music for a huge improvement. It was the worst freshman year, when it was impossible to fully cook a waffle without hearing “Soulja Boy.”


5 Responses to “TUSGraph: Lady Gaga’s Music is at y=0”

  1. Darius says:

    wow Charlie! fighting words lol! Lady GaGa is my girl. I seriously LOVE her. and….soulja boy is a hero. He single handedly saved hip-hop.

  2. Adam Woodford says:

    The xx sound like a group I would hear on Sirius Ch. 35 (“Chill”), which is mandatory listening each day. Thanks for the heads-up on this group.
    Also, contrary to what Darius just posted, Lady GaGa and Soulja Boy are spawns of Satan himself.

  3. Mike says:

    check out the unofficial music video for LG’s “Teeth” on youtube.

  4. Andrea says:

    I second Darius’ comment. Well, not the point about Soulja Boy, but I will throw down to defend Lady Gaga

  5. TUSGraphGuy’s Mom says:

    The messages of “Yah Trick Yahhhh” and “Check out my report card – throw some D’s on it” are invaluable for waffle-making-students the world over. I rest easy that you are in good hands there.


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