Yoga, Juice Bars, Cookies and… Puppies?

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SafeRedirect.jpgThe midterm doldrum has set in.
9AM lecture attendance has stripped down to the stalwart few. I’ve had to forcibly suppress the urge to photograph the sparsely-populated aisles in sepia-tone and use it as some kind of pretentious symbol for the quandary of educational dystopia… Or whatever.
I’m sure I’m not the only one on campus excited, curious, or even vaguely bemused by the events taking place next week.
Voila. The 2010 Wellness Week Itinerary!
Puppy/Kitten Study Break (11:00AM-2:00PM @ White Plaza)
Fred Luskin: Less Stress and More Happiness (7:30PM-8:30PM @ Braun Lecture Hall)
Yoga with Pavel Dmitriev (8:30PM-9:30PM @ Sanctuary Room in Old Union)
Stress-Buster Meditation Workshop (8:00PM @ Wellness Room in Old Union)
Movie [The Soloist] and Discussion [popcorn provided!] (8:00PM @ The Bridge)
Project Love Cookes [free home-made cookies!] (11:00AM-1:00PM)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind [STAMP dramatic monologues] (7:30PM @ Gavilan Lounge)
Wellness Party: Take a Mental Break (8:00PM @ Wellness Room in Old Union)
Lift the Duck [duck-watching and sidewalk-chalking] (11:00AM-2:00PM @ The Claw)
SPOM Panel with Free Pizza (6:00PM @ Old Union 200)
(If you’re wondering about the strange image with the gaping seals, don’t ask. I’m sure they’re supposed to somehow remind us of sanguine states of being. They look pretty pleased with themselves about something, at any rate.)

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I’ve been taking my dog to Therapy classes for a community service project, and kids read to him . He’s 8 months old and there a way I can bring him?


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