A 16 Seed Will Beat a 1

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2009-04-08-NatalieGulbis.jpgDon’t go burning your bracket (unless you picked Vandy or Georgetown win it all) but I feel good about this one. I’ve gotta admit though, I never thought this day would come. It’s pretty much common knowledge that the selection committee will never match a one with a 16 that can run with them. There’s just too much money on the line for that. Now I’m not gonna say that the Stanford women have anything to worry about, because lets face it, there are four teams that have a shot at that tourney. The rest are simply playing for the right to get rolled by a one seed. errrr, tough competitors that will face matchup problems in the later rounds. And make no mistake, I’m 100% confident that John Wall will John Wall Dance right into the final four. Ok Ladies and Gents, here we go, my upset special 2010 is Lane Kiffin!!!!!
Yup. USC’s head football coach is on the verge of making history. He is currently beating #1 seed Natalie Gulbis (pictured) in Esquire.com’s Sexiest Woman Alive contest. No doubt this has something to do with all those bent fans at Tennessee that still have an axe to grind after he left them, but there’s also no doubt this is awesome. No wonder lil wayne raps about this guy’s trash talking abilities. Imagine the kind of smack he’ll talk if he does the unthinkable and wins Sexiest Woman Alive! (“Do You Believe in Miracles?” ) I can think of some very sexy women…that are also alive…and he’s not in my top 9,462. *Note: He is however crushing Rosie (10,465,297) pretty much because the Donald made her untouchable with this classic blast.
I kinda hope he pulls it off though. Probably because I selfishly want to see the taunts/posters/band performances in his honor when USC comes into our crib next season. Unfortunately, I don’t see this one ending well for our Cinderella. He’s got a tall mountain to climb in an unenviable 8/9 Matchup of Danica Patrick or Erin Andrews so there’s that. Plus there’s got to be an emotional letdown after such a big victory. I mean, NOBODY gave him a chance at sexiest woman alive, and to embarrass the top seed, that’s legendary. He’d be walking right into a classic trap game. I can’t get caught up in the future though. I’m just gonna enjoy the moment and be glad I’ll finally be able to say that I lived to see a 16 beat a 1.
In case you’re wondering, my last Upset Special was R. Kelly over the Department of Justice. Nailed it!

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