A Laissez-faire Activities Fair?

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White Plaza is a bit busier than normal today. At first approach it just seems like the normal collection of student groups, publicizing their latest events, fundraisers and performances. Yet interspersed amongst the booths for Stanford Taiko and the guy handing out tickets to see Stephen Chu are a few, shall we say, less conventional groups aimed to delight, offend, and confuse. This “faux-activities fair” – rumored to be the work of members of the Stanford Flipside – is complete with student recruiters handing out candy and chanting their group slogans. The Fair comes as a surprise to students, who may have turned up to White Plaza today after a wave of emails last night promising everything from free pizza to free condoms. But their initial disappointment at the absence of both will likely be supplanted by a mixture of both laughter and the feeling that they probably ought to be offended. Gems among these fake student groups include the “Resume Building Club: Looks Great on the Resume,” staffed by two members of sophomore class in full business suits; “Face AIDS: the worst kind of AIDS (Not to be misconstrued with Band AIDS, Kool AIDS, or Hearing AIDS)”; and the “FroSoCo Awareness Club.” I was even approached by an alleged member of the “White Male Community Center” who informed me, “It’s never too late to become a man.” He also promised me a yachting trip at the end of the month and a group trip to see “Third Eye Blind.” How can a girl say ‘no’ to that?
If you haven’t had a chance to see this little production, it’s not too late. The fair will be stationed in White Plaza until 1pm today. So hurry over if you are interested, but be sure to bring your sense of humor (because you won’t in fact be leaving with condoms or pizza, although you may pick up some verrrry interesting informational flyers on some of the groups).


2 Responses to “A Laissez-faire Activities Fair?”

  1. squige says:

    No, the SHPRC was actually indeed giving away their 12 free condoms today…

  2. project says:

    totally got my free condoms.


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