California Senator Says He’s Gay, Defends Anti-Gay Votes

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roy ashburn.jpgHypocrisy remains the lifeblood of politics. State Senator Roy Ashburn, a Republican from Bakersfield with a staunch anti-gay voting record, came out as gay in a radio interview this morning. When Ashburn was charged with a DUI last week in Sacramento, a local TV station reported that several people saw him at a popular gay bar the night of his arrest. The news set off a media frenzy and rekindled old rumors that Ashburn lived a closeted life.
Ashburn maintains that he has cast the votes his conservative constituents wanted, adding, “I don’t think it’s something that has affected or will affect how I do my job.” He has consistently voted against bills that would expand rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Californians.
Such personal sacrifice entails a great deal of selflessness, right? How noble for him to sacrifice his own principles (if he has any) and live a life of denial in order to stay in office.
Since he has so much time to mess around, Ashburn ought to drop by a Stanford class offered next quarter, Ethics in Theory and Practice (ETHICSOC 10), and re-examine his thought process. Perhaps ex-ASSU Vice President Jay de la Torre could join him to ease the transition and express solidarity.

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