Can Someone Explain Dead Week to Me?

Posted by at 9:51PM

deadweek2008-12-02.jpgI was under the impression that dead week was different from other weeks of the quarter. This was last week. How naive I was.
First, I thought that we didn’t have classes during dead week so we could spend our time “working on final projects” and “studying for exams,” or playing video games and watching television.
Then someone told me that teachers don’t give out assignments, a statement which was quickly invalidated by the fact that many classes are having midterms this week. How can you have a midterm in week 10 of a 10 week quarter? I don’t know, but it reassures me that, despite being completely unemployable in the near future, I made the right decision to avoid any sort of math or science this quarter.
As far as I can tell, dead week is no different from any other week of the quarter except that screaming at midnight goes from obnoxious to totally understandable.



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