Staff Picks: What Not To Study for Finals

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You could spend your time effectively studying for finals, or you could spend your time effectively procrastinating for finals. We at TUSB have selected some of our favorite time-using (wasting carries such a negative connotation, you know?) sites that will, at the very least, brighten your outlook on some of the subjects you’re studying.
Picture 15.pngHISTORY: Sometimes, historical figures are inspiring; other times, they are destructive; sometimes they’re crazy; and sometimes they’re badass.
ENGLISH: A topic sentence might get the reader’s attention, but so will a big-ass message. See picture for example.
POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: As long as the value of humor is based on the labor expended to make the joke funny, Marx is ok with it.
PHYSICS: Mechanics is a beautiful thing. E and M–well, ok, that’s good too.
MUSIC: Think of this as sort of a practice exam.
Good luck on finals, and try not to blame us if you procrastinate a little too well…


2 Responses to “Staff Picks: What Not To Study for Finals”

  1. Andrea says:

    “” – successfully using (definitely NOT wasting) my time since 9pm, March 11, 2010.
    Thank you TUSB.

  2. Josh says:

    That comment would have been much better if it were in the form of a big-ass message.


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