Stanford for Dummies?

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Stanford for DummiesTo welcome the spring shopping season, the Stanford Bookstore has added a prominent display of “for Dummies” books near its right entrance. The decision to purchase these volumes and  feature them so conspicuously seems bizarre, given that Stanford possesses some of the nation’s brightest minds and has (supposedly) tried to cut wasteful spending. Particularly ludicrous is the inclusion of Twitter for Dummies…isn’t that the point of Twitter?

The odd assortment leads one to question how much faith the Bookstore managers have in students’ intellects. Perhaps this assumption of ignorance also explains the exorbitant prices they charge for textbooks. Alas, students are not as dumb as they think; many opt to buy their books on Amazon in lieu of getting ripped off.


2 Responses to “Stanford for Dummies?”

  1. Charlie says:

    it gives me slight satisfaction every time i buy a book from the bookstore, knowing I’ll just buy another copy from and return the original.

  2. Darius says:

    Twitter is the best thing ever!


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