“That’s Not Procrastinating; That’s Doing What I Want.”

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I pulled on my sweatpants, pulled my hair up, and my roommate looked up with a knowing smile. “Getting ready to study?” She says, and I nod: “I’m done with procrastinating.” Although I have very little experience with video games – a few episodes of obsession with gameboy in elementary school – she and I came up with a metaphor. Procrastination is like losing lives. The ultimate goal is to complete your projects (paper, presentation, studying for that looming midterm on Monday). Sweatpants, a hairtie, and books are only accessories, while the backpack (and inside, the laptop), is the heart. Unfortunately, the heart can also be misleading, and cause you to lose lives (c’mon guys, get off facebook…). But if you lose the heart, GAME OVER.
I headed over to Green for a late night of studying, hopefully minus the procrastination aspect. I can’t afford to lose any more lives, as it already is Dead Week. Good luck with your finals, everyone.


3 Responses to ““That’s Not Procrastinating; That’s Doing What I Want.””

  1. Kevin says:

    Haha i really like the comparison! If you lose your laptop, you seriously are doomed! :)

  2. Jenny Starace says:

    Yeah pokemon was insanely popular back in the day lol. We all used to play it. Blue was easily the greatest haha!

  3. Chasity Belchior says:

    Yeah pokemon was so sweet back in the day lol. We all used to play it. Crystal was easily the best lol!


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