10 Things To Do This Weekend

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1) Get cultured. SOCA (Stanford Organizing Community for the Arts) is presenting the 11th annual An Art Affair, this weekend in White Plaza, part the reason all those white tents popped up earlier this week.  With over 350 pieces of visual art and installations, tons of student performances and FREE FOOD (fyi, The Cheesecake Factory caters on Friday), it’s the perfect way to be amazed by some of Stanford’s incredibly talented students.

2) FutureFest, aka the other reason all those white tents are in White Plaza.  Presented by GAIA (Green Alliance for Innovative Action), this Saturday from 1pm-7pm, Stanford will celebrate all things green and environmentally friendly with activities, Sustainable Fashion Show, and student performances. The headliners of the day include  Mr. Van Jones himself, the former green jobs advisor to Pres. Obama, as the speaker and the always entertaining De La Soul will be closing musical act.

3) Enjoy singing, dancing and fairy tales gone awry? If yes, then you still have time to see Ram’s Head spring musical Into The Woods this weekend before it ends its run.  As it’s biggest production of the year, the musical promises to be memorable one.

4) Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference. If you’re female and you like to lead, this is the place to be.  Put on by the WCC (Women’s Community Center), the conference is meant help women empower each other through networking and inspiring guest speakers.

5) Study for those midterms coming up next week.  Just a thought.

6) Beg for a ticket to see Bill Gates.  This upcoming Monday, billionaire Bill will be here on Stanford’s campus to extol the virtues of giving back.

7) Say thank you to John Bravman before he leaves.  The man has been on the Farm for years and made a lot of contributions to it (FroSoCo and SSEA, just to name a few) that has helped make into the place we love so much.  Sadly, at the end of the year, he’ll be leaving us to become the new President of Bucknell College, so enjoy him while you have the chance.

8 ) Get hot and spicy for a good cause this Friday at Club Caliente in Tresidder Oak Room.  Los Hermanos de Stanford are hosting this party to raise money for their scholarship fund, so for the mere price of $5, you can party with a purpose.

If you still need more latin in your life, Los Salseros are also hosting a Haitian Benefit Social with free lessons and a live Afro-Latin jazz ensemble this Saturday night at the BCSC.  Go early for lessons, than stay to dance the night away while pretending like you actually know how to salsa.

9) Sign up to be a RoHo.  This year’s Admit Weekend has a record number of profros coming in, so RoHo’s are very much needed. If you don’t want to see Profro’s sleeping in tents on Wilbur Field, become a RoHo’s for a weekend.  Remember, you don’t actually have to hang out with them, just supplying them with your floor and your amazing presence is more than enough.

10) Coachella.  If you can afford a ticket (or find someone to steal one from) then go. Just go.  One weekend filled with Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Muse, all in one place,  what other reason do you need?


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  1. Josh says:

    This is awesome. I sort of wish I were on campus…


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