Could Cycling Get a Room, Please?

Posted by at 8:44PM

An indoor cycling class held at the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation.

Stanford has one of the world’s largest university campuses, but for some reason it cannot find a separate room for indoor cycling classes. Five days a week at peak workout times, the spinners take over the main gym on campus with loud music and breathless directions about upcoming imaginary hills and valleys. Even better, the staff in charge typically leave on the weight room’s regular soundtrack, so gym users without their own tunes and beats have the distinct pleasure of listening to two contrasting songs at once.

This is hardly an economical use of space, given that the cyclists are crammed into a corner while much of their music is swallowed up by the cavernous room in which they spin. It remains of paramount importance that Stanford athletes get the best facilities possible so that they can continue to uphold Stanford’s long tradition of simultaneous athletic and academic excellence. However, for the rest of the plebs who are condemned to Arrillaga, some reforms and relocations would go a long way to helping us remain the fittest students and faculty on the West Coast.



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