So Many Deadlines, So Little Time

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If you are like me, Spring Quarter is not just a time of sunshine and frolicking…it’s also a time of brief bursts of panic (or long bursts depending on my mood, level of hunger, and/or the seriousness of the issue) as I realize that I’m moments away from missing one deadline or another.  So to help spare you from some of the anxiety – or at least prepare you for it – here is a heads up on what is going down deadline-wise over the next few weeks:

Thursday, April 15: Deadline to file tax returns (you are most likely too late to mail it in, but e-filing is always an option)

Friday, April 16: Deadline to apply for disability housing for 2010-2011 Draw

Sunday, April 18 (11:59 pm): Deadline to apply first round for Overseas Study for Winter 2010-2011 or for Kyoto Program Spring 2010-2011

Thursday, April 22: Deadline to apply for pre-assignment for 2010-2011 Draw (that includes theme houses, focus houses, and Co-ops)

Sunday, May 9 (6:00 pm): Deadline to apply for regular housing Draw for 2010-2011

*This is just a preliminary list of deadlines I happen to think are particularly relevant.  Feel free to add other important dates in the comments section!



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