The Perspective of a ProFro

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Hello from the floor of the Admit Weekend Activities Fair. We’re very excited to be here, bringing you THE SCOOP of what is on the typical ProFro mind this weekend. Keep reading for a wide array of the exciting stories and ramblings of the potential Stanford class of 2014:

Two crazy people just pulled me over and asked me to write on this. It’s simultaneously really cool and slightly bizarre. Enjoy my first attempt at blogging :-)

This place is ridic….in the best way possible of course. Loved the math is doodling/doodling is math course this morning.

What up Stanfordddddd 😀  Matthew, Josh and Carly reppin’ 14 😀

my name is michael. im definitely going to stanford. this place is awesome

hello. and yeahhhhhh!

coming from right here things look pretty nice :)

Nancy Nguyen: Bwahahahahahahah. When you’re in Stanford, no other place exists. :B

On behalf of Los Altosians, we’d like to say one word: Stanford.

Stanford…tis the place for me!

I came here undecided.  I’m leaving here decided: Stanford baby

^^ same

The Yankees are sooooooo good, but Stanford is great.

the band is awesome :)

I came here leaning towards MIT and now want to go here; this place is awesome! (x2)

just learned how to juggle at the chillest campus in the u.s. YEEEEEE!!

Just got here to admit weekend and it’s crazy! I’m having a good time and the people here are all involved which is inspiring


4 Responses to “The Perspective of a ProFro”

  1. Josh says:

    Is it just me, or do ProFros really like emoticons?

  2. Kathy H. says:

    Only the happy ones. :)

  3. Danny says:

    What up back at ya!!! hmmm, smiley faces all round, so it seems!

  4. Andrea says:

    hahaha, you make an excellent point, Josh. emoticon overload. 😮


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